Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Necromunda is pretty cool

 I played Necromunda: Hired Gun.

It was fun.


Monday, August 8, 2022

Final Fantasy XIV

MMO's aren't very fun for me. Granted, I haven't played a lot of them: WoW, Anarchy Online, SWTOR. 

WoW was tons of go-fetch quests that steadily move you to do go-fetch quests in each area and on to the next area where you do more go-fetch quests. The lore is fantastic, but I didn't learn about the lore playing the MMO. I just did go-fetch quests and the occasional raid with my friends.

AO was incredibly boring. Run help island until you get to level 10. Run the subway until you get to level 29. Run the temple until you get to level 59. Run the cave until you get to... why am I playing this?

SWTOR had a lot of potential, I am a pretty big SW fan, but I didn't have any fun with the smuggler character I played. The Sith Inquisitor was much more fun. there's a great review on that one here: Worst MMO Ever? SW The Old Republic - JSH from a guy that had the same experience. Don't be fooled by the title, Worst MMO Ever is his series.

Final Fantasy XIV is what all those other games should have been. It's an incredible story that puts your character in the center of a major upheaval of politics, wars, rumors of wars, invasion of elder gods, dragons, corrupt popes... with side quests of brewing potions and knitting a hat.

The graphics are beautiful, the music is amazing, and there's plenty to do by yourself or in teams.

The ability to go back and play chapters you've previously completed with new players, and to be their guide, is very handy. And I love that you can switch classes just by switching gear, so only one toon is necessary. And if you want to change the way they look, you can buy the item that does that. Change from a stately Au Ra to a diminutive Lalafel, gender swap, hair styles, whatever.

Be sure to watch this WoW player's experience of FFXIV: Pint Tries FFXIV

If you're tired of WoW and looking for something else, give FFXIV a try.


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