Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Review: Rebel Moon

Just watched half of #RebelMoon part one on NetFlix.

Synopsis: Nonwhite girlboss warchild leads band of mostly nonwhite misfits to fight off oppressive whites in order to save a weak community of white farmers that can't protect themselves without nonwhites.

#Spoilers - but I'll try not to too bad.

The Motherworld armada, run by Admiral Noble, lands a dropship on a peaceful Skandinavian-like farming planet to make a deal for food to feed their army.

They offer 3x going rate for the grain. The jarl (called Father) lies and says they don't have surpluss to provide.

This was the first problem I had with this movie, other than being blatantly antiwhite.

At a 3x compensation and a 9week grow season he could have easily given the military the 10k bushels they were asking for, kept 2k for replanting, and purchased food for the season until the next crop is ready, and probably had money left over.

That isn't what happens, and it doesn't go good, because now he's pissed off the admiral and they're just going to take their food with no compensation. And he leaves a squad of marines to ensure it happens.

Our hero first saves a white girl from being raped by a bunch of white soldiers, and her only help comes from a nonwhite soldier. After she easily kills 7 men without taking a single hit from apparently incompetent veterans (the nonwhite soldier is a private, so he's obviously being oppressed as well and not recognized for his nonwhite awesomeness) they decide now they have to fight off the entire Empire.

This is the second major problem I have with this story. Because without seeing the rest of the movie, or the second part, I'll tell you what I would do, were I that tyrannical military leader. I'd come back, ask for my grain, see they were going to fight instead, and return to space and glass the planet.

If I were going to be overrun and unable to take off in my dropship, I would radio to my destroyer in orbit to glass the planet.

So this "rebellion" gets nowhere and gets more people killed because the Father felt like lying to a tyrannical military leader was better than taking their money to save his little farming village.

Some of the action scenes were cool, but collecting the crew felt like a significantly less entertaining version of OnePiece (which was great, btw).

And the chinese lady with the lightsabers... she should have started with that. This was not a cool scene. It was eye rolling.

There's a griffin and a dryder... was this supposed to be Star Wars or D&D?

When she goes to get the amazing nonwhite general that stood up to the white king to fight off the oppressive Empire, that's where I turned it off. about 45 minutes through a 105 minute film, and won't finish it or bother with part ii.

#antiwhite #notsurprised #stillnothingworthwatching holding out hope for #Cavils40k

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